ClearBlue Plumbers 24 Hours has only experienced plumbers in Los Angeles. Whom are all ready to share their expertise in plumbing solutions.


Emegency Plumber

ClearBlue Plumbers 24 Hours has 24 hour plumbers standing by throughout Los Angeles. This since we know that plumbing can fail at any time. Therefore, if this happens at late hours of the night. Then contact us at (323)616-1164. So we can send an emergency plumber to you right away.

Maintenance & repair service

Maintenance, Repair & Installation

Our plumbers are experts in all jobs that are related to plumbing. Which mean that they can repair any plumbing system. And of course, install toilets, sinks, showers etc. and provide maintenance services on demand. We meet all of your plumbing needs.

Our Plumber Services in Los Angeles

We offer a wide range of plumbing services to homes and business in Los Angeles. Some of these are shower repair/replacement, repiping and drain services .Below are some more of our plumbing services.



Our plumbers can install water heaters with any gallon size. The tankless water heaters are a new trend and are useful if you have a sufficient water tank .

drain cleaning


You should not hold off cleaning your sewer and drain until clogs build up inside. So, now and then when a plumber visits your building.

water filtration Service


We build water filtration systems for the whole house and kitchen alone as well. Call our plumbers for assistance at any time are available 24 hour .

ClearBlue Plumbers 24 Hours

ClearBlue Plumbers 24 Hours has been around Los Angeles, CA since 1995. From there we have expanded. Therefore, we can offer our plumbing services in the entire Los Angeles area. This by bringing high-quality plumbing solutions for you all through the year. So you can get a hold of a great plumber 24 hour a day.

plumbing Service
Plumbing expert

Los Angeles Expert Plumber

Ask an Expert for an Opinion

We have our plumbing experts available 24 hour a day. So when you need a plumber, you can hire us and ask any questions regarding your plumbing issues. Then our plumbers will answer all your questions after examining your plumbing situation. Their opinions and solutions will help you understand your situation better and go for the option that suits you best.

Optimum Plumbing is Vital for your Business

Good plumbing work in your homes our businesses makes life easy. It takes a lot of extra stress out of our lives. For a smooth routine, flawless plumbing is vital. A faulty plumbing can be troublesome for your business. A dripping pipe or a leaking tap in the restroom can may discourage customers from visiting again. Therefore, we highly recommend that you schedule regular maintenance services from professional plumbers.

Smooth Plumbing for your Homes

Continue with your routine throughout the day without any breaks. Carry out all your daily tasks and leave the plumbing issues to us. We are only a phone call away. Call us any time you need help.